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shirdi sai baba miracle-sai baba image appear on moon.

3 april friend called me.and when i picked his phone.he told rapidly.and asked me to came on to roof soon.when i reached there.he told me to watch th...

Splitsvilla wrap Guess what's the new test of love? Smelling sweaty armpits!

Sep 15, 2014    

The seventh season of Splitsvilla has now reached a stage where you cannot watch the show for five minutes ata stretch without wondering from which planet its contestants hail. With the boys leading from the front in this fest of inanity, yet another episode of the show came to an end.The first half of the show had the host Nikhil Chinapa exhorting the boys to prove their mettle by exercising - doing push-ups, squats and then skipping. The only spectacular thing in the entire section was how Sunny Leone... wait for it... actually skipped for a full minute in stilettos as the boys, and the audi...

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