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Ave Maria di Schubert con armonica a bocca

1 Armonica_ Hohner Special 20 G 20 dicembre 2012 Barycentro - Trento Non siate severi, l'emozione di suonare davanti ad un pubblico fa brutti scherzi e non s...

G20 fails to make substantive progress on black money: Think tank

Nov 18, 2014    

Washington: The G-20 summit in Australia failed to make substantial progress on financial transparency and illicit flows, an eminent international think-tank famous for its pioneering work on black money has claimed."The G20 passed up a golden opportunity to begin tackling this global scourge by curbing the abuse of anonymous companies and instituting public country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations," said Raymond president Baker Global Financial Integrity (GFI).Considered to be a longtime authority on financial crime, Baker had recently co-authored an open letter t...

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