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Ave Maria di Schubert con armonica a bocca

1 Armonica: Hohner Special 20 G 20 dicembre 2012 Barycentro - Trento Non siate severi, l'emozione di suonare davanti ad un pubblico fa brutti scherzi e non si può ricominciare.

G-20 nations fund IS? That's not what Putin said and if he had, it would not be entirely wrong

Nov 18, 2015    

Days after the terror group Islamic State launched six coordinated terror attacks in Paris, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it to the headlines with this 'sensational' and rather blunt quote. Or did he? Let's take a look at what the media reported."Days after Islamic State jihadists struck Paris with multiple, co-ordinated terror attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the terrorists were receiving funding from at least 40 countries," Read More