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When is FIFA 13 Happy Hour? FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Normal Time is 6-7PM UK on a Monday OR 12-01AM UK on a friday. If they'res nothing advertised on their twitter, chances are there's no Happy Hours soon! Like...

Real Madrid cooperating as FIFA investigates super-rich club's transfers

Jan 27, 2015    

Real Madrid released a statement late Monday saying it complies fully with FIFA's rules on transfers involving minors, after acknowledging that football's governing body is looking into previous deals.Earlier, during Lucas Silva's presentation, club director Emilio Butragueno said he knew FIFA had asked the Spanish federation for documents relating to the transfers of minors to Madrid over the past five years.Butragueno said "we are in agreement with FIFA in this matter," and that "we will continue collaborating with them in everything that is asked of us. We are absolutely calm...

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