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Menos fusca e fiat 147

Comercial da oficina. Tudo iria ser perfeito c o vinicius num tivesse estragado o audio.E eu num segurei a risada.

Replacing the original Fiat taxi...

Nov 27, 2015    

Recently, I caught up with a friend who immigrated to America some decades back. He was visiting Mumbai after a while and mentioned he was surprised to see so few Fiat cabs on the roads. He said, When I landed in Mumbai with my daughter and American wife, who were visiting India for the first time, I booked a regular cab because I wanted her to experience the Fiats I grew up with. On coming out, we found the cab allotted to us was a Maruti Alto. In its boot was an LPG cylinder and no space for any luggage. It had a roof carrier, but that was too small to accommodate our entire luggage. I was f...

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