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Hijo de ex diputado del Valle recuerda claramente momentos del secuestro de su padre

El hijo del ex diputado Jairo Hoyos, secuestrado y asesinado por las FARC, recuerda también el momento exacto en el que la Guerrilla se llevó a su padre y todo el proceso que enfrentó durante el cautiverio.

Three husbands, a driver and now Rahul's email: Has the Sheena Bora case turned from tragedy to farce?

Nov 23, 2015    

Not to trivialise a murder in any way, but just how many people were involved in the conspiracy to kill Sheena Bora? There was the mother Indrani Mukerjea. There was a driver, Shyamvar Rai whose role bounces between scapegoat and perpetrator depending on who is writing the story. There was Sanjay Khanna, a sleepyhead ex-husband in the car who allegedly slumbered through it all, which must be a first in the history of cold kills.Oops, what did I miss?There was also Siddhartha Das a first husband in Kolkata who made a cameo appearance more resentful that his humble lifestyle had been hit by the ...

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