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FARC released the last ten soldiers retained

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) released the last ten soldiers and policemen retained. According to some activists now the government should give the next step to achieve political negotiations.

Three husbands, a driver and now Rahul's email: Has the Sheena Bora case turned from tragedy to farce?

Nov 23, 2015    

Not to trivialise a murder in any way, but just how many people were involved in the conspiracy to kill Sheena Bora? There was the mother Indrani Mukerjea. There was a driver, Shyamvar Rai whose role bounces between scapegoat and perpetrator depending on who is writing the story. There was Sanjay Khanna, a sleepyhead ex-husband in the car who allegedly slumbered through it all, which must be a first in the history of cold kills.Oops, what did I miss?There was also Siddhartha Das a first husband in Kolkata who made a cameo appearance more resentful that his humble lifestyle had been hit by the ...

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