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YCS Indy 1st Place Winning Deck Profile: Junior Dorcin SIX SAMURAI

READ THE DESCRIPTIONNOTE: I got most of the real deck profile, give me time to upload themHiya guys ur favorite reporter here got a deck profile from the winning champ of YCS Indy Junior Dorcin from YCS Indy running Six SamuraiLeave ur Thoughts Below and LIKE If You Enjoy This Video======= ...

For many refugees, journey to Europe begins on Facebook| Reuters

Sep 02, 2015    

BEIRUT/ISTANBUL/BUDAPEST/BELGRADE Would-be refugees hoping to flee war in the Middle East are using Facebook as their compass for finding the people smugglers they hope will get them to a better life in Europe.The U.S.-based website and other social media that were once used to help mobilise the "Arab Spring" uprisings now host information services for those escaping the Syrian civil war and other conflicts in the region.There refugees can find much of what they need to know, right down to the prices, fees, bribes they will have to pay on a journey fraught with dangers ranging from ...

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