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دمشق كفرسوسة الشهيد بإذن الله عدي جانبلاط 4-5-2012

تنسيقية كفرسوسة | الشهيد عدي جانبلاط قضى على أيدي قوات الأسد الغاشمة حيث وجههوا عليه مدافع رشاشاتهم عندما حاول قطع الطريق بالإطارات المشت ...

Two Bolivian women arrested: One for $250 purchase of baby, the other for advertising sale on Facebook

Nov 27, 2015    

La Paz: Bolivian officials say they have arrested two women on human trafficking charges: One for selling her baby for $250, the other for buying it after placing a "want ad" on Facebook.The top child-protection official in the eastern city of Santa Cruz tells AP that the buyer was an 18-year-old who presented the 6-week-old girl to a young man who had jilted her, telling him the child was theirs.The official, Rosy Valencia, says the man called police.Police presented as evidence on Thursday the Facebook page, no longer active, of the alleged buyer in which the solicitation was made....

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