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Tutorial Minecraft - Como hacer pociones (Explicadas todas)

Hola gente de youtube! Espero que les guste este video de como hacer pociones, donde explico todos los tipos de pociones que hay y como se hacen :) Me habia olvidado decirles algo Importante, Si tomas Leche sacaras el efecto de la Pocion :) Espero que les sirva cualquier cosa que falte comenten que ...

From Wogrammers to new 'friend' icon: Heres how some Facebook employees are promoting gender equality

Aug 27, 2015    

On 26 August, also celebrated as Womens Equality Day in America,Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg posted on Facebook:"I want us to believe we can become those women. Every day should feel like Women's Equality Day." August 26 is the day American women earned the right to vote, 95 years ago.Sandberg added, "The day celebrates how far women have come and reminds us to keep striving until we reach true equality."While that makes a 'like'-able Facebook post, very few people are known to follow up their social media claims with action in real life. However, you can't level that al...

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