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Tutorial Minecraft - Como hacer pociones (Explicadas todas)

Hola gente de youtube! Espero que les guste este video de como hacer pociones, donde explico todos los tipos de pociones que hay y como se hacen :) Me habia olvidado decirles algo Importante, Si tomas Leche sacaras el efecto de la Pocion :) Espero que les sirva cualquier cosa que falte comenten que ...

Dear cynics, sneering at rainbow DPs on Facebook won't do a lot for LGBT rights in India

Jun 30, 2015    

On 26 June, the Supreme Court of US passed a judgment legalising gay marriage in all the 50 states of America.Over adozen timezones away in India, where homosexuality is still a crime that can land you in prison and much of the ruling party is openly opposed to alternative sexualities, nothing changed. Except for the display pictures of many Indian Facebook users.As soon as Facebook offered an app to apply a rainbow filter to the display picture, many users made a beeline for it, changing their DPs into the colours of pride. Almost immediately, another tribe surfaced who rolled their eyes, sho...

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