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The Sandy Hook Conspiracies Debunked_ The Victoria Soto Facebook Fanpage Hoax and various websites

In this video, I examine why various FB fan pages and donation websites appear to have been created before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. In this...

Its like Facebook for Work. Wait, it is Facebook for Work

Jan 23, 2015    

By Alan LepofskyOn Jan 14th, Facebook officially announced their much rumoured Facebook at Work offering. This private version of the popular social network is designed to provide employees a place to collaborate securely with their colleagues. This sounds like a great idea, if it were still 2010.In the late 2000s a shift began taking place that was commonly referred to as Enterprise 2.0, or E20. In E20 companies began adopting "social tools" such as blogs, wikis and activity streams to enable employees to communicate and collaborate more openly than they were doing via email. To exp...

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