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Sur Youtube y'a des youtubers (parodie Poussin Piou)

Une parodie réalisé par Hugo FeZzo, TCrawlers et moi même de la (presque) célèbre musique : Le poussin piou ! ou Pulcino Pio par RADIO GLOBO ! http_//www.twi...

Charity begins at Facebook with less friends

Dec 25, 2014    

London, Dec 24 (IANS) People with fewer friends on Facebook raise more money for charity than those with lots of connections, says a research.Economist Kimberley Scharf from University of Warwick analysed data from and found a negative correlation between the size of a group and the amount of money given by each donor.He found that when people are part of a larger social group, they feel less of a need to share information about well performing charities because they are expecting other friends to share the information.This concept of "free-riding" also extends to givi...

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