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Molho Especial do Big Mac! - 'Descobrindo a Cozinha' com Leo Duarte #02

Genteee... desta vez eu achei uma receita secreta, guardada a 7 chaves!!! Descobri como fazer o MOLHO ESPECIAL do Big Mac, o lanche do Mc Donald's e o mais famoso do mundo! Quer aprender os segredos? O programa está imperdível! Compartilhe com os amigos!Curta nossa página... ((( http://www.face ...

Tarek Fatah, Islamic State and censorship in the times of Facebook

Nov 26, 2015    

In the beginning of November, Tarek Fatah shared on his Facebook page a video that claimed to show how the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) committed war crimes against its prisoners of war. Fatah, a known critic of Islamist jihadists and the IS, had ironically found the video on another Facebook page. Although the video did not contain any footage of beheadings, he still posted it with a warning, advising viewer discretion.Soon after he posted the video, he received a notice from the social networking site, saying that he had violated Facebooks community standards, he recalled on Tue...

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