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Lễ trao giải HTV Award 2012: Nữ ca sĩ được yêu thích nhất

Xem full video Lễ trao giải HTV Award 2012 tại: Xem video sự kiên âm nhạc đặc sắc tại:[Le trao giai HTV Award 2012 -- Ket qua Giai HTV Award 2012 -- Ket qua Giai thuong truyen hinh HTV Award 2012] Lễ trao giải ...

Move over dislike button: Facebook to test 'sad' and 'angry' reaction emojis

Oct 09, 2015    

Dublin: Facebook will begin testing a new feature allowing users in Ireland and Spain to express a range of emotions on posts starting on Friday -- but there will be no "dislike" button,the social network said.Facebook described the new "Reactions" options as an extension of the "like" button, to give people more ways to easily signal how they feel.Users have for years pressed the world's leading online social network for a "dislike" button to complement the existing thumbs up one, which allows users to express they "like" a post."Not ever...

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