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Internet Gratis Para Cualquier Teléfono Celular 2013

SI TE SIRVIÓ ESTE PROGRAMA POR FAVOR DALE LIKE, COMENTA ALGUNA DUDA Y COMPÁRTELO CON TUS AMIGOS QUE IGUAL QUIEREN INTERNET GRATIS SOLO ESO TE PIDO.Te recuerdo que es gratis sin ningún costo adicional, si tienes CRÉDITO EN TU TELÉFONO no es necesario que lo utilices ya que tienes megas GRATIS ...

Out of the cave and onto Facebook - the life of a modern hermit| Reuters

Oct 12, 2015    

MARKET RASEN, England Like any good hermit Rachel Denton rises early in the morning to tend to her vegetable garden, feed her chickens, and pray. But the former British nun, who has pledged to live the rest of her life in solitude, has another routine that sets her apart from her society-shunning brethren - she has to update her Twitter account and check Facebook.Unlike other hermits, such as a man discovered in 2013 living in a wood in the United States having spent 27 years without any human contact, Denton has embraced the Internet age."The myth you most often face as a hermit is that ...

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