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"I Wanna Know" (Erica Keene Original)

I finished a new song tonight. Hope you're blessed by it. :) I apologize for the length. :) "I Wanna Know" by Erica Danielle Keene.

Australia PM Tony Abbott's Facebook following leaps: Was it the Modi selfie that did it?

Nov 25, 2014    

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a signed selfie with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on his official Facebook page. The photo has garnered over 700,000 likes so far. However, ithas also launched rumours down under that the Australian PM might just be buying his social media likes.When asked about the speculation, a spokesman for the Prime Minister told the reason for the high number of offshore likes was not true.No likes or advertising have been purchased for the Prime Ministers Facebook page. It is no secret that the Prime Minister hosted a number of world l...

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