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Help ASPCA Win $50,000.00 from PCH Give Back

Vote for the ASPCA in the Publishers Clearing House's charity event, "The Give Back" at Just vote and PCH will donate $50000.00 to the win...

Baby girl for adoption on Facebook Why it's just plain wrong

Aug 22, 2014    

Facebook has witnessed its fair share of activism.There are posts of disabled kids or a dying puppy or a cat that you're asked to share and -- allegedly -- Facebook will donate $1 to that cause. If you're naive enough to believe this, you are likely to share the picture; if you're cynical you'll probably unfriend that friend for being so foolish.Then of course, there's the whole petition thing Sign this petition on Gaza, Syria, Kashmir, the list is endless. Ironically, there are petitions on Facebook asking Facebook to stop stealing user data. And of course, there are plenty of pet adoption pl...

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