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Goran Inzibat 2013 NEW [Razy Tanyayi] - Track 7

WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GORANIINZEBATGoran Inzibat tazatrin album w CD nwe new xoshtrin gorani kurdi halparke sari3 xaw maqamWWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GORANIINZEBAT Bo tazatrin gorani goran inzibat w video w rasm. Goran inzibat tazatrin ahang album taza albumi goran inzibat nafrat 2013 xoshtrin goraniKorg ...

Mark Zuckerberg spoke about miscarriage on Facebook: Here's why we should applaud him

Aug 04, 2015    

Who are you on Facebook?The person who loves Modi? The person who hates Modi? And broccoli, potholes, Britney Spears, Calcutta and Delhi's autos? Are you the person who shares poetry? Cuddly animal videos? Every smidgen of professional success?Chances are on most days, you are not your fears, your pain or your anxieties on Facebook - a platform meant to communicate. You are either eating out and 'feeling fantastic' or wishing people 'happy friendship day' or 'feeling wonderful'. Those few times you 'feel upset', it's because you are craving Maggi, or you have lost your umbrella or your phone h...

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