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Goran Inzibat 2013 NEW [Razy Tanyayi] - Track 7

WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GORANIINZEBAT Goran Inzibat tazatrin album w CD nwe new xoshtrin gorani kurdi halparke sari3 xaw maqam WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GORANIINZEBAT Bo taz...

How sex traffickers are using Facebook to lure young women

Nov 26, 2014    

London: Gangs are using social media sites such as Facebook to lure young women into crime and prostitution, the head of European policing agency Europol said today.Rob Wainwright said traffickers were drawing victims in by posting advertisements for childcare or cleaning vacancies and once ensnared, controlling their movements with webchats and webcams."They are using modern technological tools to moreefficiently monitor an increasing number of victims,"Wainwright told the Centre for Social Justice think-tank inLondon."So instead of paying them a visit every day they can useweb...

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