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Cro & Dajuan - Frauen - RAOP TOUR 2012 (LIVE) München

Frauen - Cro und Dajuan - Live Auftritt München Raop Tour 21.10.12 mehr unter_ http_// und auf_ http_// plus_ http_...

Facebook Books challenge 5 ways to make sure you have the 'right' list

Sep 01, 2014    

If youre still stuck on the ALS challenge, we just suggest that you put the ice-bucket down and check your News Feed to see which way the viral trends are going. The "10 books' list" challenge is here and youd better be prepared for this one.Like the ALS change (which admittedly was fun to watch, even with the whole oh no were wasting water debate), this one too works with the nomination format. You list 10 books that have left an impression upon you, in no particular order, and then at the end, you nominate people who will repeat this process.As one friend observed in all seriousnes...

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