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Cro & Dajuan - Frauen - RAOP TOUR 2012 (LIVE) München

Frauen - Cro und Dajuan - Live Auftritt München Raop Tour 21.10.12 mehr unter_ http_// und auf_ http_// plus_ http_...

Facebook activity gives clues to your personality traits Study

Sep 13, 2014    

Washington People can accurately detect the personality traits of strangers through Facebook activity, according to a new study.However, changes to the social media site in the past three years could be making it harder to do so, scientists said.Researchers at The University of Kansas sampled 100 Facebook users, paralleling the demographics of the social networking site, and asked them to fill out a personality survey.A group of coders looked at each person's Facebook activity, 53 cues in all, to see whether certain personality types were more likely to do specific activities.The researchers t...

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