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Pulse: A sight to be heard

Hello everyone and welcome to this look at Pulse with your truly, SlowWolf! Join me as we take a peek at the world of a blind girl who, with the help of ador...

Oops! Facebook accidentally deletes Subramanian Swamy's real account, parody page lives on

Dec 19, 2014    

If you were one of those people whose daily dosage of humour is BJP leader Subramanian Swamy's parody account on Facebook, thenyou are in for a hilarious surprise.After Subramanian Swamy took offense tothe parody Facebook account, Facebook, instead of deleting the parody account, accidentally deleted Subramanian Swamy's original page.The parody account which is spelt as 'Subramaniam Swamy' as opposed to Subramanian Swamy, was hellbent on proving how everything was Hindu. What was funniest though was some of the leader's followers would actually share those posts thinking it was the real Swamy....

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