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ملخص ماجرى من أحداث دامية في يبرود 17-11-2011

الأحداث التي حصلت خلال إطلاق الرصاص الحي من قبل عناصر الأمن والشبيحة في مدينة يبرود على خلفية مظاهرة سلمية مطالبة بالحرية .. تنسيقية مدينة يبرود .. ...

Hum tum ek camera mein bandh ho: Modi's Facebook video shows our obsession with perfect image

Oct 02, 2015    

When HRD minister Smriti Irani made the headlines for her great Fabindia ChangingRoomCamera expos, a popular joke started doing the rounds about the Prime Minister.Narendra Modi, the joke went, walking into a changing room at Fabindia, glanced up and spotted a camera pointing at him. He promptly looked right into it, cleared his throat and said "Mitron"Modi, as we all know by now, is the most PR-savvy PM India has known and certainly a blinding contrast, in this regard, to his far more reclusive predecessor who was usually a deer in the headlights when the flashbulbs went off. Modi p...

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