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Hans Gal's "What a Life!" - Einzugsmarsch (Entrance March)

A Revue by Hans Gál (1890-1987), conceived by Georg Höllering (1897-1980) written and first performed during internment near Douglas, Isle of Man, UK, 1940Peter Kirk, tenor Luke Williams, baritone Timothy Nelson, baritone Eunsley Park, violin John Garner, violin Marie Schreer, viola Ariana Ka ...

European Union backs French military aid after Paris attacks

Nov 17, 2015    

Brussels: European Union nations on Tuesday unanimously backed a French request for support with military missions in the wake of the Paris attacks, after France invoked a previously unused part of the bloc's treaties to seek help.France, which launched new airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria after Friday's bloodshed, used a little-known article in the EU's Lisbon Treaty which provides for solidarity in the event one of them is attacked."Today France demanded the aid and assistance of the whole of Europe. And today the whole of Europe replied in unison 'yes'," Mogheri...

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