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Ford Mustang Gt vs Chevrolet Camaro vs Dodge Charger

Auto Show presenta el comparativo entre los legendarios americanos muscle cars, con potentes motores V8, la versión más equipada del Charger RT y del Camaro,...

In VW Audi's brand expansion, wheels of Ducati fit perfectly

Apr 19, 2012    

Berlin Volkswagen's Audi division said it agreed to buy Italian motorcycle maker Ducati, adding a 12th brand to the German auto maker's portfolio of passenger cars, trucks and ultra-luxury vehicles.The 20-member supervisory board of Europe's largest car maker approved the purchase on Wednesday, Audi said in a statement. It did not disclose details of the deal, though sources told Reuters on 17 April that Audi agreed to buy Ducati for about 860 million euros.Ducati, which has won 13 rider's Superbike World Championships since 1988, will extend Audi's long-standing rivalry with Bayerische Motore...

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