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Matt Damon talks Red Sox on David Letterman

Matt Damon wears Boston Red Sox jersey to David Letterman's studio in New York.... and takes a few jabs at the Yankees! Pure genius! Originally aired: 06/05/07 I originally recored this on my laptop in 2007 (you can see the laptop's glare), but deleted my account a year ago. So, now I'm uploading i ...

Government of India makes ABS and CBS mandatory on all two-wheelers by April 2018

Sep 22, 2015    

In what is an unprecedented move, the Government of India has issued a mandate that states that all two-wheelers sold in India must have Combined Braking System (CBS) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) as standard. The notification that has been sent to manufacturers also says that new two-wheelers need to have CBS and ABS by April 2017. For existing models, the time frame is extended upto April 2018.Two-wheelers with engines below 125cc should have CBS as standard while the ones above should have ABS. At present, Honda and Hero Motocorp sell scooters with CBS and IBS respectively while Honda ...

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