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Ustaz Haslin Bahrin (Mesti Tengok) 2012 Masjid Shah Alam 20.11.12

Ustaz Haslin Bin Bahrin atau Ustaz Bollywood Tajuk Terpulang Padaku hak Masjid Negeri Shah Alam hanya bertujuan utk menyebar dan memperluaskan ilmu ini...ini sambungan nya bersama ustaz azhar idrus..­a mendapat manfaat bersama... cu ...

From politicians to Bollywood, Naqvi faces flak for 'go to Pak' remark on beef ban

May 22, 2015    

New Delhi:Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi's remark on beef eaters has drawn strong reaction from the political class and also from some members of the filmfraternity who have trashed it outrightDemanding an apology from Naqvi, Janata Dal (United) leader K C Tyagi said, "This is against the nation and he must say sorry."Naqvi, the Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs, had sparked a controversy on Thursdayby saying that "If a certain section (of people) is dying because they can't sellor eat beef then this is not the country for them. Let them go to Pakistan or an Arab ...

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