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Ustaz Haslin Bahrin Bollywood - Hidup Bertuhan (Halaqah TV9) HQ

Halaqah TV9 Jumaat 11/1/13, ceramah sambil menyanyi ala hindustanPROMOSI:Mesti pernah dengar bisnes yang hanya bermodalkan RM20 kan? tapi korang dengar2 macam berminat nak join sebab MURAH... tapi was2 takut xmenjadi pulak kan...Sebenarnya korang semua boleh buat..TANPA perlu berkomunikasi den ...

On feminism, Bollywood: Kangana Ranaut's 5 best quotes from Women In The World Summit

Oct 13, 2015    

Kangana Ranaut spoke about her growing up years, her struggle in Bollywood and gender equality at the Women In the World Summit at London on Friday. The actress was her usual forthright self during the interview, as she was quizzed about everything from her home environment to womens status in Indian society and whether the country has become safer for women after the Delhi rape case. Here are some of her more applause-worthy statements.On her growing up years 

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