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Ustaz Haslin Bahrin Bollywood - Hidup Bertuhan (Halaqah TV9) HQ

Halaqah TV9 Jumaat 11/1/13, ceramah sambil menyanyi ala hindustanPROMOSI:Mesti pernah dengar bisnes yang hanya bermodalkan RM20 kan? tapi korang dengar2 macam berminat nak join sebab MURAH... tapi was2 takut xmenjadi pulak kan...Sebenarnya korang semua boleh buat..TANPA perlu berkomunikasi den ...

Ban idiots who expect any difference: Sonam Kapoor, other bollywood celebs react to Porn Ban

Aug 04, 2015    

With over800 websites blocked, the debate around the recent porn ban is hotting up. Twitter is exploding with opinions on how this ban is illogical, impractical and nonsensical. #NextBanIdea, atrending Twitter spoof also saw people taking out their frustrations onthe ban.Ram Gopal Varma, known for his crazy opinions on the micro-blogging site, put out a slew of tweets opposing the ban, citingstatistics that support personal liberty, and criticising the government on itsmove:Ban Those Who Ban Porn My article http://t.co/xs6pG3jF56 Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) August 3, 2015All countries which l...

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