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The Lawrence Welk Show_ Chicken Dance

Myron Floren's Offspring 03_13 An unsettling performance of "The Chicken Dance," performed by dancer and former Mouseketeer Bobby Burgess along with his gawk...

Bollywood Insider When Salman Khan sat on my lap, and other stories

Aug 28, 2014    

Though he hates being a headline-maker, Salman Khan never ceases to be in the news. He is a simmering bundle of contradictions. Theres the Salman who kept me awake till 3am with his rather strange antics when I met him for the first time. Then theres the other Salman who went down from my hotel room at that unearthly hour to counsel Abhishek Bachchan on matters of the heart. At the end of the conversation he took off his Rolex wristwatch and gave it to Abhishek as a friendship band.Extremely generous, Salman turns livid when provoked and pushed into a corner. He once narrated an incident to me...

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