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Shooting Is Never A Picnic - Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh was busy promoting his IPL team. He was asked that shooting with Yash Chopra is always like a picnic and he replied Shooting is never a picnic it is...

Shuddh Bollywood Sonia Gandhi: 'Banned' biography 'The Red Sari' hits the stands

Jan 22, 2015    

A 'dramatised biography' of Sonia Gandhi, which could not be published in 2010 following protests from the party's cadre, has hit the stands. According to a report on The Indian Express, the publisher, Roli Books, has said that they though there was no official ban on the book, a slew of protests made the atmosphere in the country unfavourable for publishing the book in India in the past.Interestingly enough, it seems that Sonia Gandhi's lawyers have themselves clearedRoli to publish the biography now."After the change of government in May 2014, we wrote to them (Gandhis lawyers), asking ...

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