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Kachchi Kali - Full Length Hot Bollywood Hindi Film

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Meet Prince charming Fawad Khan Pak's rockstar and a Bollywood debutant

Sep 17, 2014    

To say Fawad Khan is not tech-savvy is to put it mildly. Hes got about 10 tweets to his name and his only tech qualification is, I know how to open a website. In an effort to explain himself, Khan said, "I'd like to interact with my fans but I can barely use a phone." It doesnt really help his cause but at the same time, theres something delightfully quaint about an actor in the twenty-first century being a Luddite. Much like the prince he plays in Khoobsurat, Khan seems to be just a little out of touch with the world around him. His old-world mannerisms, rugged looks and the way he ...

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