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Bahut nainsaafi hai: Bollywood has been lying to you, a real court is like the ones in Chaitanya Tamahane's Court

Apr 17, 2015    

Like the 'bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do' women's safety schemeand the 'jaang pe til' infidelity test, good old Bollywood had also come up with an anti-noise pollution antidote. And it's called 'order, order'.Those words had the power to quieten everyone from a hysterical Meenakshi Sheshadrito a snarling Salman Khan. Maybe, Newshour panelists may consider testing it.In fact, courts in Bollywood filmshave usually had more extra terrestrial beings than perhaps Alien versus Predator had.       We have proof.But Chaitanya Tamahane's fi...

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