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Top 10 Bollywood films of 2014: Queen, Dedh Ishqiya, Aankhon Dekhi and more

Dec 23, 2014    

This past year was a mixed bag for Bollywood. It started off with a bang, and made us hold out hope that the reign of nonsensical, regressive commercial masala may be coming to a close. That optimism lasted throughout the first half of the year. Then Bollywood reverting to the 80s and by the end of the year, here we are, struggling to come with a list of worthy names for a top 10 list. Here are the best films of 2014:10. Sulemani KeedaThe true blue indie of the year, made by a bunch of Versovians, starring a bunch of Versovians, made mostly for Versovians, Amit Masurkars Sulemani Keeda was a l...

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