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Ceramah Di Ambang 2013 Bersama Ustaz Azhar Idrus,Ustaz Bollywood Dataran Shah Alam

Edit:Mohamad Ariffin Kaizoku ( Sambutan Di Ambang 2013 Bersama beberapa tokoh agama terkemuka di masa kini.Insyaallah dengan video yang tidak seberapa ini sedikit sebanyak membawa azam baharu kita untuk tahun-tahun mendatang,Credit Kepada : Cairell Marwan p/s:Video yang ter ...

What Kangana's Tanu Weds Manu Returns says: Bollywood should get over Sheilas and Munnis

May 26, 2015    

Then Kangana Ranaut was stripped off any markers of 'sexy' - as Bollywood knows it - and stuffed in loose track pants and running tees. Her mop of curls was replaced with what is actually referred to as 'boy cut' in middle class Indian homes and is many little girls' nightmare-come-true in summers.Her teeth were made to look slightly big, you know, the kind thatleads to the birth of 'airbrushing'. However, if you can find one person who has watched the Tanu Weds Manu Returnsand hasn't come out feeling slightly besotted with Kusum (one of the two characters played by Ranaut),I'll find you a vad...

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