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An alien who speaks in Bollywood cliches: Here's why Aamir's PK makes sense

Dec 22, 2014    

There is nothing particularly stunning about PK except the fact that it marks a spectacular improvement in the goodlooking-ness of the aliens who choose to visit India. Since the last visitor we had was Jadoo, a blue cross betweenShakti Kapoor and Gollum, a sparkling, hairless Aamir Khan in PK isn't too bad a deal actually. Apart from that, in its essence PK is just another Munnabhai film, with the thug-with-a-heart-of-gold replaced with an alien-with-a-heart-of-gold.Rajkumar Hirani employs his tried, tested and now a proven blockbuster of a formula in PK too - the 'outsider'trying to make sen...

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