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Bheegi Billi - Toll Naka

Bheegi Billi gets caught in a Jhol with the Toll! Bheegi Billi has few friends, the best being his guitar. When he offers his umbrella to a girl, the rain st...

Mardaani and Bollywood's misguided notions of feminism

Aug 26, 2014    

In the concluding scene of Mardaani, the audience is treated to a fight sequence between Rani Mukerji's character Shivani Shivaji Roy and the film's villain, the leader of a child trafficking, drugs smuggling and prostitution ring, played by Tahir Bhasin. Shivani delivers kicks, punches and shows off some remarkable action chops. You expect her to beat the living hell out of the villain and she does, but that's not all.Shivani decides to hand over the bad guy to the girls who were his victims, rather than to the police force. She effectively breaks every rule in the police handbook by not only...

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