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Shahrukh Khan & Priyanka Chopra's Extra-Marital Affair !

Having extra-marital affairs is a very norm issues in our Bollywood industry. Check out the top 5 Bollywood actors who had such affairs in our tinsel town. T...

From lehenga to shorts: How Bollywood heroines changed their Holi style

Mar 06, 2015    

We lesser mortals may play Holi in our oldest and most ragged clothes, but in Bollywood, that's not an option. Be it onscreen or offscreen, Hindi cinema's leading ladies always dress up and look their loveliest usually in white with just the right amount of colour smeared on them. Not for them the dirty blend of pink, green, blue and yellow that just ends up looking like muck. In Bollywood, make-up stays intact, skin looks fresh and hair bounces with life and lustre.Over the years, what our heroines wear onscreen to play Holi has changed and as more and more films look West for both sets and...

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