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Nfs World Código de alquiler de un Audi R8 version policia

Este es el codigo_ DN6S-G3UJ-N52Y-93YN Nota_Expira el 31 de dociembre de 2011.

China to probe Audi, Mercedes, Microsoft for violating anti-monopoly laws

Aug 07, 2014    

Beijing Chinese regulators have launched a series of anti-monopoly investigations of global automakers and technology providers, stepping up pressure on foreign companies that feel increasingly unwelcome in China.On Wednesday, a regulator said Chrysler and Germany's Audi will be punished for violating anti-monopoly rules. Mercedes Benz and Japanese companies also are under scrutiny. A probe of Microsoft was announced last week.The investigations are fueling unease among foreign companies that complain Beijing uses regulatory measures to hamper them and promote potential Chinese competitors in ...

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