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Audi RS6 2010 - 3D Instructor [2.2.7]

Audi RS6 2010 Mod for CCD 1.2.2 / 3Di 2.2.7Link to download -

Innerwear brand bars Audi from using TT brandname in India

Aug 24, 2015    

The Delhi High Court has barred Audi India from selling TT-branded merchandise in the country. The ban comes after the court found merit in the case filed by TT innerwear. The appeal, according to whichthe innerwear brand is well-known in 65 countries since 1964, challenges the trademark registration of the Audi TTCoupe in India along with similarly branded merchandise that Audi sells atits showrooms. TT Industries are also seeking a compensation of Rs 25 lakh fordamages.Rikhab Chand Jain, founder of TT, stated, I'm sure they had no bad intentions, it must have been an honest mistake. But they...

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