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Skyrim - How to Kill Morokei the Easy Way

This is just me testing out my computer when recording using fraps. If anyone is wondering why it seems darker than usual, its because I'm using the FXAA injector mod and made it look darker and bluer, i was attempting to give it a colder look.This quest was supposed to be hard, but i was having ...

AMD unveils hardware-based virtualized GPU solution

Sep 01, 2015    

AMD, at VMworld 2015, demonstrated the worlds first hardware-based GPU virtualization solution, the AMD Multiuser GPU. This new solution from AMD enables a virtualized workstation-class experience with full ISV certifications and local desktop-like performance. With the AMD Multiuser GPU, IT pros can easily configure these solutions to allow up to 15 users on a single AMD GPU. The AMD graphics cards are uniquely equipped with AMD Multiuser GPU technology embedded into the GPU delivering consistent and predictable performance, said Sean Burke, AMD corporate vice president and general manager, ...

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