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Guild Wars 2 - False River Valley Vista Point (Lornar's Pass) (PC)

The False River Valley Vista Point in Lornar's Pass in Guild Wars 2. Check out our channel, and hit the subscribe button! It really helps! http_//

Italian PM Letta resigns amd bickering

Feb 15, 2014    

Rome, Feb 14 (IANS) Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta officially submitted his resignation to President Giorgio Napolitano Friday.Letta was received at the presidential palace late in the morning, and had a 50-minute talk with the head of state, after holding his last cabinet meeting as scheduled, Xinhua reported.Centre-right Forza Italia party and other opposition forces made a call for Letta to go before parliament and explain the reasons of his step, in order to give more "formality" to a political crisis that broke entirely from within the main ruling Partito Democratico (PD) o...

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