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عدن لايف أخبار الجنوب العربي 31-10-2011

- قيادة المنطقة العسكرية الجنوبية تفتح العاصمة عدن لمسلحي القاعدة - تصاعد الغضب في حضرموت ، والأمن يجرح شخصا في المكلا- Military Southern Command to open the capital of Aden to Al-Qaeda - Anger in the Had ...

Seven suspected Al-Qaeda, Islamic State terrorists arrested in Spain

Feb 08, 2016    

Madrid: Spanish police said they arrested seven people on Sunday with suspected links to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State groups and uncovered an operation to smuggle arms to jihadists under the guise of humanitarian aid.The arrests were carried out in the eastern cities of Valencia and Alicante and in Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta, the police said in a statement.[caption id="attachment_2616970" align="alignleft" width="380"]Read More