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مهرجان مش هروح - السادات وفيفتى ومحمد الزعيم - توزيع عمرو حاحا

الـمـوقـع الـرسـمـى http://MaZiKha.Tv اقـوى صـفـحـة لـ الـفـيـديـوهـات الـكـومـيـديـة اقـوى صـفـحـة لـ الاغـانـى

Ramadan pilgrimage season in Saudi Arabia mostly free from MERS

Aug 04, 2014    

RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia reported 10 confirmed new cases of a deadly respiratory disease during Islam's fasting month of Ramadan, and subsequent Eid al-Fitra holiday, after fears that an influx of pilgrims over the period might spread the infection more widely.Notices of any new confirmed cases are published at the end of every day by the Health Ministry. Ramadan ended a week ago and the Eid al-Fitra holiday ran until late last week.Hundreds of people were infected by Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the kingdom in April and May, raising concerns about the pilgrimage in Ramada...

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