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Evil squirrels of Hoboken NJ eating christmas lights

The squirrels that live in my backyard eat our Christmas lights and chew through our grill propane hoses. Here is a video of them chewing through the christmas lights and one of them buries the bulbs at the end.

Watch: New trailer for the 'Sherlock' Christmas special is out and it's amazing!

Oct 08, 2015    

Sherlock is back after an almost two year break and are we excited! BBC has finally released a new trailer for it's Christmas special set in Victorian London, a few months after they released the sneak peak at Comic-Con in July.The stage is set. The curtain rises. We are ready to begin, says Holmes at the start of the trailer. Goosebumps yet anyone?Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) are preparing for war in the newest trailer for BBC Ones Sherlock.The trailer shows the two detectives walking down crowded 19th-century England streets, running through foggy a...

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