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Nikki Sharp's 5 Day Detox

Over Christmas, I did what most of us think, felt an overwhelming urge to cleanse my body come January.The difference was that I knew I couldn't keep it up a full month and that 5 days was a more realistic target, so I devised the 5-day detox. The "Skinnyminime_xoxo" Detox (as known on Instagram) ha ...

How the oil collapse stole Russia's Christmas | Reuters

Jan 10, 2016    

LONDON/MOSCOW A plunge in the oil price to 12-year lows during Russia's New Year and Orthodox Christmas break means the country returns to work on Monday with its economic recovery and once-mighty savings war chest on the line.

The equity and currency turmoil in China that rippled through world markets during Russians' 10-day festive holiday pushed Brent crude futures to aroun...

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