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Botas Picudas - Tribal Christmas Chuntaro Dance

Calling out all the meros, meros de la Botas Picudas Tribal Dancers from Michilada Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuntaro Productions Corona Ca. 2011.

'A Merry Friggin Christmas' recut to pay him perfect tribute to Robin Williams

Nov 04, 2014    

London: 'A Merry Friggin' Christmas', one of Hollywood funnyman Robin Williams' last films, has been recut to fit in a tribute to the star.The 'Mrs Doubtfire' star died of an apparent suicide at his home in Paradise Cay, California in August. He was 63.The actor had been working on 'A Merry Friggin' Christmas' shortly before his death and director Tristram Shapeero has changed the planned ending in order to honour the screen icon, reported New York Daily News."We talked to the production company and we said, 'We need to recut it, we need to restore it. We need to do some work to make it a...

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