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Arabic music_ Dabke beat without vocals - HD 1080p

Arabic Music_ Dabke song without vocals NOTE_ PM me if you want this song. Dabke / dabka / dabkeh is the traditional folkloric dance in Palestine, Lebanon, S...

50 days of Gaza War Timeline of the Israel-Palestine conflict

Aug 27, 2014    

Gaza City Key events in the Gaza war that enters its 50th day on Tuesday and has killed more than 2,100 Palestinians and 68 on the Israeli side.July, 20148 Israel launches Operation Protective Edge with air strikes on Gaza to counter rocket fire from Palestinian militants. Hamas responds by firing rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.13 Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas asks the UN to put the state of Palestine under "international protection".5 Israel withdraws all ground troops from Gaza after destroying the tunnels, as a three-day truce goes into effect, allowing indirect Egyptian-...

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