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Arabic music: Dabke beat without vocals - HD 1080p

Arabic Music: Dabke song without vocalsNOTE: PM me if you want this song.Dabke / dabka / dabkeh is the traditional folkloric dance in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq it is danced to beats like the one in this song. The traditional dabke is danced on special occasion such as weddin ...

U.N. calls on Israel, Palestinians to prosecute Gaza war crimes | Reuters

Jul 04, 2015    

GENEVA The United Nations called on Israel and the Palestinians on Friday to prosecute alleged war crimes committed in the 2014 Gaza war and to cooperate with the International Criminal Court's preliminary investigation.

The 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council adopted a resolution, presented by Muslim states, by a vote of 41 to one, with five abstentions. Israel's closest ally, the United States, was ...

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