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American History_ The Rise of a Superpower

A project for my American History project_ 12 events that showed change in the power and prestige of America from 1865-1945 Sorry about the watermark, the pr...

Filmfare Awards: Could it be that one show where all the awards are not bought?

Feb 09, 2015    

Could it be that the Filmfare awards arent fixed? That the awards dont go to just the superstars or people who come and dance at the show or own the big production houses? If you watched this year's Filmfare Awards, you may just believe that yeh sab bikau nahin hai. Queen won Best Film and Kangana Ranaut won Best Actress even though she didnt attend the event. Tabu won Best Supporting Actress and Shahid Kapur won Best Actor for Haider - not really a big ticket film. Sure, there were no films with Shah Rukh or Salman Khan in the running, but there could have been and the awards could have still...

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