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Motelo huasca * Bauhinia guianensis

Motelo huasca * Bauhinia guianensis Familia: Cesalpinaceae. Nombres comunes: Motelo huasca, escalera de mono, manan shahuen tapite (entre los shipibo-conibo). Es una liana de bosque primario con tallo sinuoso y aplanado, parecido al de la ayahuasca pero con la superficie mucho más lisa y sin barba ...

Global fight against tuberculosis hinges on India stepping up funding: WHO | Reuters

Nov 19, 2015    

NEW DELHI India is critical to the global fight to end an epidemic of tuberculosis by 2030 and must step up funding to control the disease, the World Health Organization said, citing concerns over broader cutbacks in government health programs.

India is the world's TB hotspot as it accounts for 23 percent of global cases and the most deaths - 220,000 last year - from the bacte...

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