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Motelo huasca * Bauhinia guianensis

Motelo huasca * Bauhinia guianensis Familia: Cesalpinaceae. Nombres comunes: Motelo huasca, escalera de mono, manan shahuen tapite (entre los shipibo-conibo). Es una liana de bosque primario con tallo sinuoso y aplanado, parecido al de la ayahuasca pero con la superficie mucho más lisa y sin barba ...

South Africa develops new medicine that may help battle against drug-resistant tuberculosis

Apr 10, 2015    

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a major health challenge across much of Africa, but a new medicine being pioneered in South Africa could be a breakthrough after decades of frustration.Bedaquiline is being made available to 3,000 people suffering side effects of the usual drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment, or who have developed complete drug resistance.The early signs are encouraging, doctors say, though bedaquiline hasn't yet been tested in large-scale clinical trials.The new drug -- one of the first new tuberculosis antibiotics released in 40 years -- was first given to 217 South African p...

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