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Motelo huasca * Bauhinia guianensis

Motelo huasca * Bauhinia guianensis Familia: Cesalpinaceae. Nombres comunes: Motelo huasca, escalera de mono, manan shahuen tapite (entre los shipibo-conibo). Es una liana de bosque primario con tallo sinuoso y aplanado, parecido al de la ayahuasca pero con la superficie mucho más lisa y sin barba ...

Researchers develop simpler, inexpensive test to accurately detect Tuberculosis

Jun 01, 2015    

Singapore: Researchers have developed a simple and inexpensive diagnostic test to quickly and reliablydetect tuberculosis in humans.Tuberculosis (TB) represents a growing worldwide healthcare burden. Second only to HIV in terms of its global impact, TB infected 8.5 million people and caused 1.4 milliondeaths in 2011, researchers said.If these statistics are to improve, early detection is critical, they said.Led by Taha Roodbar Shojaei and Mohamad Amran Mohd Salleh of Universiti Putra Malaysia, the international research team set out to develop a sensitive new system that could quickly and reli...

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