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Paul Walkers Death Real? Or Hoax?!?!

Paul Walkers Death Real vs Paul Walkers Death is a Hoax... Which do you believe is really the truth? Check Out Coty Galloway Video, He rants his thoughts of ...

US institute to study sexual habits of obese girls

Nov 30, 2014    

New York, Nov 30 (IANS) The US National Institute for Health (NIH) has collaborated with researchers from the University of Pittsburgh' Magee-Women's Research Institute to study the sexual habits of obese girls.The NIH has allocated $466,642 to find out how often they have sex and why they are less likely to use protection when they do."Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences but more sexual risk behaviours (like condom non-use) once they are sexually active," the statement stated.The study would compare sexual relationships between obese girls and ...

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