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Paul Walker's Death Tied to Illuminati Secret Society? (MUST WATCH)

Is Paul Walker's Death a manifestation? Illuminati and Family Guy? http_// This might be a funky one guys, if you noticed how Family...

Neuronal 'sweet spot' may help curb obesity, shows study

Aug 04, 2014    

Washington The discovery of a simple switch in the brain may let you eat what you want and stay slim, according to a new study. Preventing weight gain, obesity, and diabetes could be as simple as keeping a nuclear receptor from being activated in a small part of the brain, researchers have found.When the researchers at Yale School of Medicine blocked the effects of the nuclear receptor PPARgamma in a small number of brain cells in mice, the animals ate less and became resistant to a high-fat diet."These animals ate fat and sugar, and did not gain weight, while their control littermates di...

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