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Termonebulizador Mini Smart Fogger Mosquitos

La mejor forma de combatir los mosquitos y protegerse del dengue, la malaria, la fiebre del Nilo y muchas otras terribles enfermedades es fumigar con los termonebulizadores compactos Mini Smart Fogger con un poder de nebulización de hasta 3 metros cúbicos por segundo. www.termonebulizadores.blogs ...

Millions of children's lives saved as malaria deaths plunge - UN| Reuters

Sep 17, 2015    

LONDON Rates of death from malaria have plunged by 60 percent in the past 15 years, meaning more than 6 million lives have been saved - the vast majority of them African children, United Nations agencies said on Thursday.In a joint World Health Organisation (WHO)-UNICEF report, experts also said that a crucial Millennium Development Goal to halt and begin to reverse the incidence of malaria by 2015 has been met "convincingly", with new cases of the parasitic mosquito-borne disease down by 37 percent since 2000.WHO Director-General Margaret Chan hailed it as "one of the great pub...

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