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OSDD Malaria Meeting Session 1 Part 2 - Mary Moran

Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria meeting at The University of Sydney, February 24th 2012. Speaker is Mary Moran, Policy Cures. (Some slight audio issue...

West Bengal Govt to use mosquito larva killing bacteria to control malaria

Aug 07, 2014    

Kolkata West Bengal plans to use a bug to control the mosquito population that is responsible for malaria and dengue.According to the director of state health services, B.R. Satpathi, a particular variety of the bacteria known as Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) is an effective way to naturally control mosquito larvae that thrive in water bodies."It is part of the action plan to prevent any outbreaks of malaria or dengue. Initially, the control method will be introduced in the New Town (satellite township) where there is rapid urbanisation and resulting water clearance problems,&q...

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