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OSDD Malaria Meeting Session 1 Part 2 - Mary Moran

Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria meeting at The University of Sydney, February 24th 2012. Speaker is Mary Moran, Policy Cures. (Some slight audio issues early on, and with the questions, apologies)Background: http://www.thesynapticleap.org/node/3901) The benefits and drawbacks of patents i ...

World's first malaria vaccine delayed as WHO experts urge caution| Reuters

Oct 23, 2015    

GENEVA/LONDON The world's first malaria vaccine is promising but should be used on a pilot basis before any wide-scale use, given its limited efficacy, World Health Organization (WHO) experts said on Friday.The decision is likely to delay a possible broad roll-out of the shot for between three and five years.GlaxoSmithKline's Mosquirix could, in theory, help stop millions of cases of malaria in young children in Africa at risk of the deadly mosquito-borne disease.However, it is less effective than vaccines against many other diseases and there is uncertainty as to whether countries can effecti...

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