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Imagine No Malaria Slam

Malaria takes a life every 60 seconds. The Imagine No Malaria Slam Dunk mission event on Saturday, June 9,2012 will launch the West Michigan Conference effort to end this deadly preventable disease forever as part of the $75 million campaign led by of The United Methodist Church. Our Imagine No Ma ...

Britain and Bill Gates announce $4.2 billion plan to eradicate malaria

Jan 25, 2016    

London, United Kingdom: Britain's finance minister and tech billionaire Bill Gates unveiled on Monday a plan to spend billions to eradicate "the world's deadliest killer" malaria.Chancellor George Osborne and Gates announced £3 billion ($4.28 billion, 4 billion euros) in funding over the next five years for research and to support efforts to eliminate the mosquito-borne disease, in a joint article in The Times."When it comes to human tragedy, no creature comes close to the devastation caused by the mosquito," the two wrote.[caption id="attachment_2598008" align...

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