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Imagine No Malaria Slam

Malaria takes a life every 60 seconds. The Imagine No Malaria Slam Dunk mission event on Saturday, June 9,2012 will launch the West Michigan Conference effor...

Scientists identify cancer drugs that can also cure early stage Malaria

Aug 26, 2014    

Scientists have identified compounds - including some that are already being tested to combat cancer - as potential treatments for malaria.Duke University assistant professor Emily Derbyshire and colleagues identified more than 30 enzyme-blocking molecules, called protein kinase inhibitors, that curb malaria before symptoms start.By focusing on treatments that act early, before a person is infected and feels sick, the researchers hope to give malaria - especially drug-resistant strains - less time to spread.Malaria is caused by a single-celled parasite called Plasmodium that spreads from perso...

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