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Más Calidad de Vida - Dieta del Genotipo e Intolerancia Alimentaria

Nueva Temporada de Programa de Medicina, Salud, Vida Sana y Prevención conducido por Dr. Carlos Ferrada a través de UCV Televisión cada Domingo a las 17:30 hrs."Dieta del Genotipo e Intolerancia Alimentaria" Entrevista a Andrea Chicurel - Bioquímica, Directora de Nutrición InteligenteRealiz ...

Scientists discover new way to prevent diabetes-related blindness

May 26, 2015    

New York: Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found a new way of preventing a blinding eye disease caused due to diabetes, by blocking a second blood vessel growth protein.Diabetic eye disease occurs when the normal blood vessels in the eye are replaced over time with abnormal, leaky, fragile blood vessels that leak fluid or bleed into the eye, damaging the light-sensitive retina and causing blindness.Laser-sealing eye blood vessels can save central vision, but this often sacrifices peripheral and night vision, according to Akrit Sodhi, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at t...

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